Love Bliss Teal Toddler Car Seat Cover

Love Bliss Teal Toddler Car Seat Cover

$ 40.00

Product Details

What a great idea! Car seat slip-covers perfect for your toddler!  These slip right over your existing car seat to create a new look. Great to use when using the same car seat for boys and girls and great for kids that make messes(these are machine washable). These are also helpful for kids that are sensitive to fabric on manufacturer's seats, or get car sick frequently. 

Easy on/off slits are for car seats that don't allow the straps to be re-threaded- instead you adjust by moving shoulder straps up and down- so you just pull your straps through. They appear on the slipcover as open vertical slits.  Standard rethread option is for seats that rethread to adjust shoulder height.

There is a section in this shop to add accessories like strap covers, paci clips, etc.

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Car Seat Covers are not toys and should not be played with as such

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